About My Electrician Granada Hills

We are a family operated electrical company, known for providing a diverse range of electrical services at affordable rates.

We have a team of highly experienced electricians who work with utmost diligence throughout Granada Hills. Therefore, all your electrical needs will be met to your expectations every time.

We have experience, knowledge and resources. Therefore, we are capable of handling even the most challenging projects that others refuse to take on. Choose a local electrician Granada Hills citizens!

We attribute our success to treating all of our clients with the utmost integrity and courtesy and building lasting relationships with them. Because, we believe excellent services, competitive pricing and customer satisfaction are important.

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Electrician Services in Granada Hills

Electrical Panel Installation Granada Hills

The electrical panel is the most important component of a building’s electrical system. Because it serves as the distribution center for a system. If you think that your electrical panel is old-fashioned or does not feature sufficient circuits, it is advisable to consider installing a new system. My Electrician in Granada Hills specializes in the installation of all kinds of electrical panels. Our experts assess the electrical needs of your building and install the new electric panel in a safe and precise manner.

Our Electricians do Smart Home Installations

Installation of smart home automation can add value to your property and increase its functionality. Thanks to this technology, homeowners can control and manage smart home devices or appliances from their smartphones. My Electrician has vast experience in installing home automation systems. Our experts work with you to develop a system in which all the components are perfectly integrated, and that makes your life much more convenient.

Repair and Installation of Fans

You need efficient fans to beat the hot weather. Slow and crooked fans can make your life miserable in summers. If you are looking for a fan installation for repair service, just give us a call at (424)367-0234. Our electricians will get your fans running up at high speed in no time.

Common Questions to Our Electricians
Your all questions are answered here about our services.

Q1: How Much Do You Charge for Wiring?

A: Call us for a free estimate of this service!

Q2: Why Do My office Lights Fluctuate?

A: Fluctuation could happen due to many reasons like a voltage problem, faulty lights or loose connection. Let our expert electrician check the problem as soon as possible

Q3: How fast can you get me your service?

A: Our response time depends on the workload, but we get to you as fast as we can. Our standard turnaround time for intercity service is within 24 hours, and for emergency calls, it is up to four hours.