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Do you dream of a fully automated home, where the lights come on at your entrance, the shutters respond to your voice commands and the alarm is activated regularly every morning? Thanks to the latest technological innovations, smart homes are no longer science fiction and guarantee not only absolute practicality, but also greater safety.

My Electrician Granada Hills has devised sophisticated anti-theft systems that can be controlled via LCD display, remote control or Smartphone and interact with shutters and gates, throughout California.

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Smart Home installation



What is a smart home

The smart home is, by definition, a smart home, which uses an integrated home automation system to improve the comfort, safety and consumption of those who live there.

The centralized smart home system allows users to manage different functions inside the home, to activate or deactivate the devices present, to optimize energy loads and to create customized scenarios, based on their own preferences and habits.

We Install Control system and interfaces

These can include remote controls, wall-mounted touch screens or advanced keyboards, but also useful tools for remote management such as smart phones, tablets and computers. For remote control of the smart home, software and ad hock applications are studied, more and more intuitive and efficient.

My Electrician Granada Hills smart home installations seek to give you:

A ) Comfort

Our System integration, with its infinite customization possibilities, significantly improves domestic livability. Inside the smart home, it is possible to control each device with the touch of a button, as well as having full control of your home, even remotely. The practicality of an automated system is also expressed in the possibility of programming specific functions at pre-set times or of memorizing scenarios, commands, designed to meet the needs of a particular condition (for example, the scenario night-time may include switching off all lights, closing the blinds and activating the alarm system).

B ) Security

The automatic closing and locking of windows, doors and windows (manageable, among other things, with a single remote control), defend the main access points of the house and bring the smart home to a higher level of security.
My Electrician Granada Hills completes its offer with additional dedicated tools, first and foremost the presence simulator, to deter possible intrusion attempts. Not to mention the ability to constantly monitor the status of your home and to schedule the sending of a text message or a call if “risky situations” such as a gas break-in or leak occur.

C ) Energy saving

We also install domestics allows intelligent use of energy, which is only used where and when it is needed. The result is to optimize consumption, significantly reducing management costs. With its dynamic insulation guarantees perfect isolation of the smart home. Thanks to special sensors, which our team of professionals employ to be able to detect the temperature and the external brightness levels, regulating, as a consequence, the devices connected to it, such as doors and windows or heating systems, in order to preserve the correct domestic temperature.
We use recent wireless systems, which do not require more structural changes to the building, with the consequence of a net reduction in intervention costs.

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